Richmond VA Roofing Contractors

richmondIf you live in Richmond Virginia, or anywhere in the central VA region for that matter, including Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Henrico, Mechanicsville, Ashland and all the way up to Frederciksburg, then you’re going to want to consider calling Roofers Richmond.

This company recently won the Virginia State Home Contractor’s Superiority of Performance award for their services, by the Home Builder’s Association of Virginia, the leading state professional organization for all home contracting services companies.

A local family name around town for two generations, this Richmond Roofing company has been a sturdy name in the contracting business since 1973.

Known all around for their timeliness of work and stellar customer service, as well as their ability to complete almost any roofing job, from small tile patches to complete installation and repair work, on both residential and commercial buildings, this company has long deserved recognition as a leader in their field.

In addition to being a reputable business, the company makes it a point to give back to the community, and has a 10% charitable donation matching program, where they will match employee donations to their favorite charities, up to 10% of their annual salary.

That’s the kind of community leader Richmond likes to see take action, and even more than monetary donations, the company participates in a community development program for entrepreneurs, through UnBound RVA, which helps low-income individuals achieve entrepreneurship by teaching them professional service and management skills.

Check out Roofers Richmond on Facebook for more information.
Watch the video below for more information:

Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Peoria, IL

Are you looking for a home improvement contractor in Peoria, Illinois?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at we’re partnered with one of the best, most comprehensive home improvement databases in the country, making it easy for you to find the contractor you need to complete your project, whether you’re looking for a kitchen remodel, bathroom finish, roofing job, or just about any other home repair or renovation.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out a short form about your project, and get a free quote. Click the link below to get started!



Peoria Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

home improvement projectOf all of the home improvement projects out there, kitchen remodeling is not only one of the most popular, it’s also one of the biggest and most important to get done well.

Your kitchen should be a focal point of your home, and if you’re living in a house that doesn’t bring a lot of light into the space, working with an experienced renovation expert can help you figure out where you have room for improvement.

You might consider knocking out part of a wall to open space into a living room, or adding a few windows instead of a cabinet.

The choice is yours, but it all starts with a free consultation.

Home Renovation Projects in Illinois

peoria il kitchen contractorsPeoria, IL is, in my opinion, one of the best cities in the country in order to get a high quality home renovation project completed at an affordable price.

Because Peoria is a small city, it helps to keep costs down, especially compared to larger places like Chicago, and the quality of the renovation contractors you can find and companies here in Peoria is top notch.

Even so, you might be nervous if you’re choosing a home contracting company for the first time. It’s extremely important that you’re comfortable with your decision at every step of the way, which is why we strive to provide you with only the best resources to start your search.

Many of the home improvement directories out there will accept anyone into their system, and are eager to list each and every option available.

Instead, we pride ourselves on having a contractor directory that is manually curated to ensure that only the best workers can get into the system. That means that each and every single one of our recommendations is an expert in his field, and has a number of positive customer reviews from successful projects.

When it comes to your home renovation, don’t settle for less than you deserve, make sure you find only the best of the best and get the remodeling quote you need.

That applies whether you’re trying to complete a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, roof repair, or any other home repair project.

Click the link below to get access to our premium database, and get the quote you need to get hte job done!

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Berkeley, CA Home Repair Contractors for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Are you ready to renovate or remodel your kitchen or bath? Or are you suffering from minor home damage, whether due to aging homes or natural disasters?

If so, then it’s time to find a Berkeley home repair contractor that can take care of your home improvement needs. From kitchen remodeling to bathroom repairs and everything in between, we have access to one of the largest databases in the country for the top, vetted home improvement contractors and companies in the nation.

Get access to the top recommendations and a no obligation quote, when you click the link below to find the Berkeley, CA contractor that’s right for you.


The Best Home Contractors in Berkeley, California

When it comes to working on your home, you deserve nothing but the best.

The problem is: if you simply pick up the phone pick or call the first result that pops up in Google, you have absolutely no idea whether or not that contractor has a solid reputation and consistently does high quality work, or is a complete flop who takes months to get the job done, and even then leaves you with a shoddy renovation.

What’s more, is that you have even less of an idea whether that bathroom or kitchen contractor is going to be a good fit for your home improvement project.

That’s why at Open Drape, we’re committed to providing individuals like you with access to only the best home contractors in Berkeley, CA.

Kitchen Repair and Remodel Companies

berkeley kitchen remodelOne of the most popular reasons to search for a home improvement company is for kitchen repair and remodels.

While kitchen repair is often simply a “just get it done” task that you want to get through and get on with your life, a kitchen remodel can be a cornerstone for improving your house and your quality of life.

When you decide to upgrade your kitchen, often times you’re making the choice to improve the entire atmosphere of your living area. That’s because in today’s world, the kitchen is one of the main center points of both family and social events in your home.

But, many of the older homes in Berkeley and the broader SF Bay Area weren’t designed with this idea in mind. They have small, closed off kitchens that are separated from the “livelier” rooms of the house.

That means that many people choose to rethink their home layout, starting with the kitchen. You might want to open up that wall to the living room, at a center island for bar-room style eating, or simply re-do the flooring to give it a more homier feel.

Regardless of your goals, every successful project starts with a good contractor in mind.

Bathroom Renovations and Remodeling

berkeley bathroom remodelAnother area where Bay Area residents tend to focus home improvement projects is on remodeling their bathrooms.

Just like the kitchen, many of the older homes in the area have small, cramped bathroom spaces, or even two small rooms that separate the toilet from the sink and shower. Opening up this space is often a top priority.

However, California has very strict laws when it comes to any remodel dealing with plumbing, and you can’t add extra drains or faucets without approval from the state.

So, when you’re planning your bathroom redesign, make sure you work with a contractor who knows what regulations apply to your area, and can help you navigate them easily, leading to a successful project completion!

Click the link below to get started, and browse for a contractor that’s right for you!

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Kitchen Renovations: Before and After Pictures of the Easy, Low Cost Home Makeovers

kitchen renovations before and afterRe-doing your kitchen doesn’t have to be a big project in order to have big results. In this article I’ll show you some of the best kitchen renovations before and after they were completed!

Ready? You’re not going to believe these!

Kitchen Makeover Before/After

This first video gives you a complete tour of this homeowner’s brand new kitchen. Watch the video below to learn the secrets of how they did such an amazing job, on a fairly modest budget!

Awesome Kitchen Renovation

Here’s another one of my favorite remodel concepts, done on a reasonable budget. You’ll see that the price point involved for what they get is absolutely unbelievable!

This one’s definitely a must see to believe video!

The Best Easy Low Cost Kitchen Remodel

Finally, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite examples of a cheap and easy way to re-do your kitchen.

This homeowner had a budget of just $300, and was able to produce quite the result! While the difference isn’t as spectacular as the two above, given the price point I think you’ll agree it’s pretty amazing what they could accomplish!

BONUS VIDEO: Budget Remodel Before and After

Ok, I can’t resist sharing just one more. Like the last video above, this kitchen makeover before and after was done on a dime. The entire budget for this project was only $500, making this an incredibly easy, affordable remodel that anyone can do!

Hope you enjoyed these examples of some of the best kitchen renovations before and after results! If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, click here to get a quote on how much it costs to see the kitchen of your dreams come to life!

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas And Pictures That Will Change Your Life

Does your house have a small kitchen that’s in desperate need of a makeover?

The good news is that there are tons of ways to improve your kitchen space and make the room feel bigger than it is. In this post I’ll show you some of the best small kitchen remodel ideas and pictures that will make re-doing your home easy and fun.

3 Ideas for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Open Up More Space

small kitchen remodelThe first step to take when remodeling a small kitchen is to figure out ways to open up more space.

Many older houses have a tiny kitchen area adjacent to a living room or a dining room. One great. relatively easy idea is to open up the wall separating the two.

Be sure to consult with an expert to ensure the wall isn’t load-bearing (and that you only remove safe parts of the wall), and then consider either taking it out completely, or replacing it with a counter or other “half-wall” divider.

This one small idea will make your kitchen feel like it’s twice the size. For more small kitchen remodel pictures, click here.

Re-think Your Storage

kitchen storage and cabinet remodelingA second tip is to re-evaluate the way you think about your storage space. Generally, this comes down to kitchen cabinetry.

One popular concept is to remove the front cabinet wall or door from some of your cabinet space, allowing you to replace the doors with either glass fronts or an open air look.

This gives a nice, unique design, and can make it feel like the kitchen has more breathing room.

Add More Light

redo kitchen lightingFinally, many kitchens feel small simply because they lack light. That’s because what was once viewed as a utitility space has now become a centerpiece of modern households.

Changing your kitchen light fixtures to be brighter and spaced evenly across the kitchen, spreading light into all corners of the room, can go a long way to making the space feel more inviting.

If possible, you can also add more windows to the space. Many older homes have small windows that don’t take advantage of the exterior walls. Open up that space and get more natural light and make the room feel bigger at the same time.

For more small kitchen remodeling ideas, checkout my post on updating your kitchen, or else consult with an expert by finding a home contractor in your area.


5 Best Kitchen Update Ideas You Can Do On A Budget

If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen but are worried about how quickly costs can stack up, then this post will be right up your ally.

I’ll go through 5 of my favorite kitchen update ideas for those looking for a few quick and easy improvements that can fit even the tightest of budgets.

There in no particular order, so here goes.

The 5 Best Budget Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel

Get a Kitchen Cabinet Update

One of the easiest and most often overlooked aspects of any renovation or improvement project can be a simple kitchen cabinet update.

new kitchen cabinetsIf you’re on a budget, grab a can of varnish and wipe away those old stains, giving it a fresh new look. If you’ve got a little change to spare, you might consider springing for entirely new cabinets.

For most kitchens, the cabinets take up a signifcant part of the room’s wall design, so even small improvements can have a huge impact on the overall feel of the kitchen.

Re-do the Kitchen Countertop

cheap kitchen countertopWhile re-doing your countertop is probably an obvious suggestion you’ve already considered, what you might not realize is that getting a state of the art, professional install probably doesn’t cost what you think.

There are tons of great, affordable countertops that can be installed in just a few hours. The easy-install, pre-fabricated approach keeps your costs down on all fronts, from design to manufacture to labor.

Check out this pinterest page for some pics and ideas.

Revamp Your Kitchen Lighting

Another great easy kitchen fix is to give your lighting a makeover.

The best tip is to install dimmer lights, which can be very inexpensive and allow you to change the ambience of the kitchen depending on the occasion.

This can be as simple as finding the right set of bulbs and updating your lightswitch. You might not even need an electrician to do it for you!

Install a Double Sink or Get A New Kitchen Faucet

If you have a kitchen that only has a single sink, consider installing an alternative that has two basins.

While you might think this requires a complete re-do of your house’s plumbing system, there are a ton of DIY options out there that will easily connect to your existing drain system.

Also along the lines of improving your sink, think about getting a new faucet. Changing the design, look and feel of your faucet can be an easy way to spruce up your environment…especially when it comes time to wash the dishes.

Open Up Your Cabinet Space

Finally, one of the easiest (and most creative) options is to give your entire kitchen a facelift by removing cabinet doors.

As mentioned earlier, kitchen cabinets tend to take up a lost of space for most homeowners. Why not turn them into a stylish display case, that allows them to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing?

This can be as easy as removing the doors and hinges, and reorganizing how you store your plates, silverware and glasses to have a nice, pleasing look!

Kitchen Remodel and Home Repair Contractors in Kansas City, KS

Are you looking to remodel or repair your Kansasis City, KS home?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Open Drape, we pride ourselves on partnering with the best home improvement, repair and design specialists across the country. Our commitment is to helping you find the home contractors you need to live in the house of your dreams!

You can click the link below to get started. Just answer a few short questions about your project goals and we’ll search one of the largest databases of repair and remodeling contractors in the country to find you the perfect fit!



We know that going through a bathroom or kitchen remodel, attic finishing, redoing your floors, or any other home project can be a chore. Make that process easy with our 1-2-3 system for pairing you with the best contractors in Kansas City, at the most reliable prices!

Kansas City Home Improvement Contractors

kansas city home improvement contractorsWhen it comes to home improvement, there are two basic types of contractors you can look for.

The first is home repair, which focuses on contractors who come in to fix problems, often on an emergency basis. This is what you need if a tree branch falls and scrapes your siding, or if you have a plumbing leak.

Home repair companies focus on problems that are clearly defined, and need immediate and high quality solutions.

The other type of home improvement contractor focuses on remodeling projects. These projects tend to be longer term, and can include everything from helping with design ideas to the actual completion of the project.

Many of the best home remodeling experts also work in teams with other contractors since, unlike home repair where the problem is clear cut and generally isolated to one skillset, remodels often require multiple different experts to get the job done well.

Find Kitchen Design Companies in Kansas City, Kansas

kansas city ks kitchen remodeling contractorsOne of the most popular types of remodeling work is kitchen design and improvement. This is true in cities across the country, including Kansas City, where you find many homeowners upgrading mid-century homes to modern standards.

Some of the most popular kitchen remodel ideas include: adding additional burners to your stove, adding a second oven, adding a center island or bar counter, refinishing floors or countertops, and ultimately creating an open-air design that incorporates the kitchen as a vibrant living space of the house.

Kitchens are one of the rooms in your house where you’re likely to spend most of your time. Taking the time to make it a fun, light-filled environment is worth the investment.

Bathroom Remodeling Workers in Kansas

Another popular remodeling option is to upgrade your bathroom. This is especially popular when adding or upgrading a masterbath to the main bedroom.

You might change the tiling or countertop work, add a second sink, separate the toilet into its own space, or change the configuration of your shower.

This makes the bathroom more livable, and can provide a spacious feel for even relatively small areas.

How To Choose a Contractor That’s Right for You

Regardless of whether you’re looking for home improvement or home repair, Kansas City has a number of professionals and companies to choose from.

The problem is, how do you know where to start?

Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important steps to making sure that you complete your project on time, on budget, and up to YOUR standards.

There’s nothing worse than hiring a shabby contractor who leaves a project unfinished, takes months and months to “get around to it,” or cuts corners in an effort to get the job done!

You can save yourself that hassle by starting out with a list of companies and professionals that have been hand-picked to be included in a list of the best, most reliable contractors in the country.

To choose your contractor, you only need to do 3 things:

  1. Click the link below and answer a few short questions about your home improvement needs.
  2. Browse the list of recommended contractors that are matched to your project.
  3. Get your quotes, compare prices, and pick the one that fits your needs best!

There’s no commitment and no obligation required. Click the link below and find the workers that are right for your project!

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How To Find A Home Contractor with High Work Quality

One of the most frustrating parts of looking for a contractor to complete your next home improvement project is trying to find one who can be relied upon to deliver a high quality of work.

Unfortunately, this is a business that has a reputation for unreliable, unprofessional work, and many homeowners engage projects only to find that the contractor rushed the work, or was unable to complete the project to their desired specifications.

In this post I’ll show you how to find a home contractor that you can rely on, and sleep easy knowing your project is going to get done well and on time.

Check Contractor Reviews

The first step you should take before you consider any worker or awarding any project, is to make sure you do your due diligence on any company or individual contractor you hire.

The best way you can do this as an individual is to check contractor reviews. There are plenty of resources online, like Yelp, to help you find the person you need that has a proven track record of good work.

Don’t just hire the first ad you see on Craigslist, but do your homework and checkout the company’s information, or even if they’re registered with the BBB in your area.

Be Skeptical of Low Prices

too good to be trueThe second point to consider whenever you’re considering hiring a new contractor is to consider how realistic their pricing is.

Unfortunately, many of the less than reputable providers will provide low-budget offers on projects, and win bids simply because they beat the price of everyone else.

Oftentimes, that low price can translate to low quality work, or even unfinished projects, so be careful before selecting something that looks to good to be true, because more often than not, you’ll just end up getting what you paid for, not what you want!

Go With a Trusted Source

Finally, it’s important to remember that you should always source your contractors from a trusted source. Simply flipping through the phonebook and going with the first ad you see is unlikely to get you the results you’re really after.

Instead, source your potential contractors from a trusted, leading directory that vets the information and companies it receives before adding them into it.

Click here to find one such directory and get pricing options.

Home and Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta GA

Are you searching for a home improvement contractor in Atlanta GA? Whether you’re looking to remodel your home, kitchen, or bathroom, or are trying to repair a damaged unit, we have a state of the art search tool just for you.

Here at OpenDrape, we’re partnered with one of the biggest collections of home improvement contractors on the planet, and have an easy to use system that helps you find the contractor to fit your needs, and your budget.

Click the button below to get started. We’ll ask you a few short questions about your project and what you’re looking for, and then compile a list of the best contractors for the job. You can even get a free quote on your project, all at the click of a button!


We know that finding the perfect contractor can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve developed this system. So click the button above to get started, and we’ll see you on the other side!

Atlanta Home Repair

Is your house aging and not running as smoothly as it should? Or were you just caught in a hurricane, flood, tornado, or other natural disaster?

Either way, home repairs can cause a unique challenge for homeowners, and require an expert who is both reputable and able to get the job done, as quickly as possible, and often on an emergency basis.

You’ll need to find a home contractor in Atlanta who can assess the damage and quickly determine what needs to be fixed immediately, and what isn’t as urgent, then roll up his sleeves and get to work, or get you the right subcontractor for that part of the job.

Searching with our system will give you access to a comprehensive list of contractors in the Atlanta Metro area that meet this description, and help you wittle it down to find the person that you need.

Atlanta Home Remodeling

atlanta home remodelIf, on the other hand, you’re looking for a remodeling expert, we can find that too. Atlanta’s Home remodeling contractors are usually distinct from the home repair side of the equation.

Home repair is usually about fixing what went wrong, while remodeling is about improving the house to meet your ever evolving standards and needs.

Oftentimes, to successfully complete a home remodel you’re going to need experts in several different areas. Chances are, you don’t have the knowledge, background, or connections to pull all of the right experts together on your own, so you’ll need to work with a lead contractor who knows the terrain and can do just that.

Browse our list of top general contractors, and they’ll help you work through the design and implementation of your remodel from start to finish.

Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta

atlanta ga kitchen remodelingOne of the most popular areas of the house to makeover is the kitchen. If you’re like most people, you spend quite a bit of time in your kitchen, and it serves not just as a place to cook, but also as a central room of the house.

Because of that, many homeowners want to find a homey, open-air design that lets them maximize their kitchen space and create a welcoming environment.

Sometimes that means tearing out a wall between the kitchen and living room, and other times it involves creating a center island counter where you can cook, socialize, or simply relax with a glass of wine.

Kitchen needs range from custom cabinet work to redoing the countertops with a granite or marble surface, to restructuring the entire layout and design of the kitchen area.

Whatever your scope, it’s important to find a contractor you can rely on, and who knows what he’s doing, in order to make sure the job gets done well.

Bath Remodeling in Georgia

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, you also have a big job ahead of you. While some bathroom remodels can be as easy as adding a tile floor or replacing a countertop, others are more complex.

Many homeowners are especially interested in bathroom remodels for master bathrooms, and want to find a large, open feel to the room they frequent every morning and evening. You might change the countertops, add a standing shower, or put in his and her sinks.

Whatever the project, you’re likely to need experts in plumbing, lighting, and surface-work in order to get the job done successfully.

Our database can help you find just that.

Find The Best Atlanta GA Home Improvement Contractors

Whatever your needs, you can use this easy search tool to help you find the right home improvement contractors in Atlanta.

Click the button below to get access, and we’ll walk you through a short two-page form to make sure we understand what you’re looking for. Answer the questions according to the needs of your project, and let the algorithm go to work. We’ll get you in touch with the best contractors for your job, and get you the free quote you need.

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For more information on how to find the best contractor, watch this short video for a few tips: 

The Best Seattle Home and Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Are you looking to find the best Seattle contractors for your home repair or remodeling project?

If so you’ve come to the right place. Seattle has literally thousands of home contractors, but finding the one that’s right for your project can be a challenge. That’s why here at OpenDrape we’ve created a system to make it easy for you to browse the top-rated companies and get custom quotes for your project, all at the click of a button.

To get your FREE quote that fits your need, click the link below!



We’ll ask you a few simple questions about your project, and then we’ll run through our database to match you with the home, kitchen, bath or kitchen contractor that we think is the best fit for you!

Seattle Home Repair

seattle home repairIs your home in need of quick emergency repairs?

Whether a natural disaster struck your neighborhood or a few crucial parts of your aging home are starting to give way, your needs are unique.

You need to find a professional who can quickly and accurately assess the damage, and identify the key points that need to be fixed, and how to do them cost-effectively.

When it comes to home repair, the most important ingredients are a fast turnaround that restores or improves the quality of your home, while keeping an eye on the budget.

Using our recommended contractor search system, you’ll be able to find contractors in the Seattle Washing area that are available to come fix your home now, not in three weeks, not in 2 months.

Get the fast repairs you need, and get them done right the first time!

Seattle Kitchen Remodeling

seattle kitchen remodelingAre you tired of coming home to the same, boring kitchen you bought the house with? If so, you might be thinking abotu a kitchen remodel. Unlike home repair, which tends to be an immediate need where you already know exactly what needs to get done, remodels can be a longer, more involved process.

You’re going to want to find a contractor that understands you, and can walk you through all of the different options you have available for your new remodel. Getting an expert involved early in the process can help you understand the possibilities for turning that dreary, dim, old kitchen into an open, welcoming space that you enjoy using everyday.

Then, once you have the design in place, a kitchen remodel often takes a series of professionals to get the job done right. You need a contractor with experience in a wide range of skills, or one who is well-connected in the community and can make sure you get the best sub-contractor for the project, at the lowest price.

That’s because installing a new stove takes a completely different skillset than upgrading to custom wood cabinets, or putting in a granite countertop. At each step of the way, you want only the best, and that’s what our system helps you find.

Bath Remodeling in Seattle Washington

seattle bathroom remodelLike a kitchen remodel, remodeling your bathroom can be a complex task, and is likely to require multiple contractors with different sub-specialties.

The exact needs of the project will vary from home to home, and depends what you want to do with your remodel. Sometimes, simply upgrading the tile floors or installing new countertops will do wonders in making your bathroom a homier place, while other times you need to gut everything and get down to the basic plumbing in order to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a communal half-bath, or design a master bathroom fit for a king, our tool will help you find the right bath contractor for you!

Find The Best Seattle, WA Home Contractors Today!

Whatever your needs are, we guarantee you can find the right contractor using our comprehensive database of home construction companies and individual contractors.

Just fill out the short form asking about your project, and what you’d like to accomplish with your repair or remodel, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our matching algorithm will find you not just a list of the best seattle home contractors, but the person or company that’s right for you.

That’s what makes the difference, and that’s ultimately what counts to get your project completed on time, on budget, and at the highest quality standard possible.

Click the button below to get started!

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